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Locale: Denver Metro
Address: 5990 Washington St.
Denver CO 80216
Phone: Newsroom 303-954-1201;Sports 303-954-1294; Editorial page: 303-954-1331; Photo: 303-954-1321; Online: 303-954-1300 Editor: 303-956-2359
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Chief financial officer: Justin Mock
Phone: 303-954-5007
Geographic Area Served: Colorado
Circulation: M-F: 104,000; Sun: 197,000
Distribution: Paid & free
Format: Newspaper
Frequency: Daily
Founded: 1892
Online Update Frequency: Daily
Published: Mon - Fri; Sat & Sun
A daily featuring local, state, national and international news and sports.


Owner: Digital First Media
Phone: 215-867-2022
COO/Group publisher: Guy Gilmore
Phone: 303-954-1201, 800-336-7678; Sports: 303-954-1294; Editorial Page: 303-954-1331; Photo: 303-954-1321; Denver Post Online: 303-954-1300
Editor: Lee Ann Colacioppo
Twitter: @LAColacioppo
Phone: 303-954-1754
Fax: 303-954-1201
Editorial administrator: Monica Brewer
Phone: 303-954-1234
Senior editor: Matt Sebastian
Phone: 303-954-1954
Business/consumer reporter: Joe Rubino
Twitter: @rubinojc
Phone: 303-954-2953
Deputy city editor: Dena Rosenberry
Phone: 303-954-3515
City hall reporter: Jon Murray
Twitter: @JonMurray
Phone: 303-954-1405
Content Coordinator: Maureen Burnett
Phone: 303-954-1852
Lead Designer/Graphic artist: Jeff Neumann
Phone: 303-954-1267
Dsigner/sports: Lori Punko
Phone: 303-954-1617
Economy/residential real estate: Aldo Svaldi
Phone: 303-954-1410
Editorial assistant: Ian Gassman
Phone: 303-954-1691
Editorial page editor: Megan Schrader
Phone: 303-954-1201, 800-336-7678; Sports: 303-954-1294; Editorial Page: 303-954-1331; Photo: 303-954-1321; Denver Post Online: 303-954-1300
Editorial page : Open Forum
Phone: 303-954-1300
Editorial writer: Megan Schrader
Phone: 303-9542567
Education/transportation/general assignment: Monte Whaley
Phone: 720-929-0907
Entertainment editor: Beth Rankin
Twitter: @Beth_Rankin
Phone: 303-954-1638
Environmental reporter: Bruce Finley
Twitter: @finleybruce
Phone: 303-954-1700
Fax: 303-954-1369
Features editor: Barbara Ellis
Phone: 303-954-1751
Fashion Calendar: Items must be sent in 10-20 days in advance
Phone: 303-954-1281
Fitness calendar: Items must be sent 10-20 days in advance
Phone: 303-954-1281
Food Calendar: Items must be sent in 10-20 days in advance
Phone: 303-954-1281
General assignment/Enterprise: Kevin Simpson
Phone: 303-954-1739
Health reporter: Jessica Seaman
Phone: 3039562359
Director/Innovation: Kevin Lubbers
Phone: 303-954-2615
Interactive data visualization: Kevin Hamm
Phone: 303-954-5315
Investigative reporter: David Migoya
Twitter: @davidmigoya
Phone: 303-954-1506
Law enforcement/Denver Police Department reporter: Noelle Philips
Phone: 303-954-1671
Know editor: Sara Grant
Twitter: @itsmesarag
Phone: 303-954-1638
Photo editor: Patrick Traylor
Phone: 303-954-1014
Photographer: Chang Hyoung
Phone: 303-954-1321
Photographer: Andy Cross
Phone: 303-954-1321
Photographer: Helen Richardson
Phone: 303-954-1321
Photographer: RJ Sangosti
Phone: 303-954-1321
Politics editor: Cindi Andrews
Phone: 303-954-3801
Reporter: John Wenzel
Phone: 303-954-1642
Rockies reporter: Patrick Saunders
Twitter: @psaundersdp
Phone: 303-954-1294
Digital photo/video editor: Amy Brothers
Phone: 303-919-1309
Sports columnist: Mark Kiszla
Twitter: @markkiszla
Phone: 303-954 -1615
Assistant managing editor/sports: Scott Monserud
Phone: 303-954-1213
Deputy sports editor: Matt Stephens
Phone: 303-954-1893
Deputy sports editor: Torin Berge
Phone: 303-954-1942
Digital Sports producer: Jeff Bailey
Phone: 303-954-1291
Digital sports editor: Matt Stephens
Phone: 303-954-1893
Digital sports editor: Joseph Nguyen
Phone: 303-954-2595
Technology: Tamara Chuang
Phone: 303-954-1209
Visual journalist: AAron Ontiveroz
Phone: 303-954-1321
Systems editor: TJ Hutchinson
Phone: 303-954-1863
Suburban reporter: John Aguilar
Twitter: @abuvthefold
Phone: 303-954-1695
Breaking news reporter: Kieran Nicholson
Phone: 303-954-1822
Breaking news reporter: Kirk Mitchell
Phone: 303-954-1206
Senior editor, Photography and Multimedia: Patrick Traylor
Phone: 303-954-1321
Deputy city editor/nights: George Tanner
Phone: 303-954-1514
Digital Director: Dan Boniface
Twitter: @danielboniface
Phone: 303-954-1104
Senior vice president/ circulation: Bill Reynolds
Phone: 303-954-5480


Calendar: Yes -
Weekend Calendar:
Weekend Calendar Deadline: 10-20 days prior


Community calendar: Please post to
Phone: post your event yourself at


Vice President advertising operations: Christine Moser
Phone: 303-954-1133
Vice president/advertising and sales: Rebekah Hudson
Phone: 303-954-3806
Advertising: Jamie Kittleson
Phone: 303-954-5306
Sale Insider calendar: Items must be sent in 10-20 days in advance
Phone: 303-954-1281
Sale Insider calendar:
items must be submitted 10-20 days in advance
Phone: 303-954-1281


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