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About Us

Kelly Communications, LLC, a professional marketing communications company, creates successful marketing, public relations and promotional efforts for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to US Senators.

Our competent, hands-on professionals work with local, regional and national print, radio, television, cable and Internet media. We research and develop comprehensive public relations and advertising marketing campaigns that target specific audiences with the desired message and outcomes, on time and on budget.

We are experienced in event planning and promotion, speaker and media training, speechwriting and speaking at local, national and international events.

We have published the Colorado Media Directory since 1979. The information contained in the Directory represents a compilation of our professional experience. 

As we are in contact with Colorado media on a near daily basis, we know the value of quick access to up-to-date media information which means keeping our Directory information as current as possible.

We update continuously, and we let you know the information that has changed.

Our purpose remains to help communication professionals such as ourselves save time and money by providing current media information and contacts.

We welcome you suggestions and comments to help us continue as Colorado's premier source of media information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Lynn M. Kelly, Ph.D.



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